The vocal technique I teach here at is the Old Italian school of singing (Belcanto) taught to me by Alexander Kariotis. Alex studied personally with the whose who of the Old School tradition, Arrigo Pola (Pavarotti’s teacher), Gianni Raimondi (La Scala, Italy), Dan Marekand the work Dan Marek did with Berton CoffinJohn Wustman, and Nico Castel (Metropolitan Opera).

The technique revolves around a few simple principles like pitch, vowel, and intensity and a phrase my student Shane calls BLT (buzz, lean, tongue). You won’t be bombarded with tons of medical and/or made up jargon and other nonsense. Just straight-forward vocal technique.

If you want to be a great singer I can help. As a career singer, I am an example of a working entertainer who must perform night after night and wow the audience EVERY TIME. I have helped many of my gigging colleagues build solid vocal technique through vocal coaching, enabling them to sing in the real world and I can do the same to help you! Whether you sing rock, pop, r&b, opera, etc., this is the only technique you will ever need.

Take a private lesson through Skype. First 15 minutes for $5! Find out more.

“My band tours from LA to NY to AZ and back, in planes, trains and automobiles. I always bring my CDs from my vocal sessions with Danny, so no matter what condition or time of day, my voice is ready and warmed up. In the two years since my first session with him, I went from simply singing back up vocals in a power pop band, to fronting my own rock band, fronting an ACDC cover band, and I get consistent work in LA adding vocals live and in studio for fellow musicians (The Mulhollands, Audra Mae, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, RubySue Flores, etc). My band, The Shakers, has opened for Everclear, played a sold out performance at The TLA (Fillmore) in PA, and on the horizon is a pre-game performance for NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes at the Arena in Arizona. I’ve grown so much vocally, but also in confidence. I get asked a lot who my vocal teacher is, and I’m proud to say: Daniel Formica.”
Jodie Schell

Singer, The Shakers Squealer

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