Singing Lessons with Daniel Formica

How it works…
Schedule Your free Consultation by email with me
Set up your webcam or Camera
Log Into and start your free lesson! It’s Easy!

You will need…
A broadband internet connection, I.E. cable or DSL (Dial-Up is too slow)
A Free Account
A web cam or video Camera connected to your computer.

“If you are looking for a voice coach that CAN sing by example and truly help you in a way that makes sense, no BS… you NEED to call Dan Formica! Get ready for real results!!”
Matt Corey

Singer , Vinylcandy

Lessons In Person
If you live on the Central Coast of California and want to have your 15 minute private lesson for $5 with Daniel in person there are two options available.

Morro Bay, CA
Arroyo Grande, CA

CLICK HERE  to schdule your first lesson in person or email me at

At I am committed to providing you with the information and training that will help you become the BEST singer you can be..All my clients are evaluated as individuals and therapies are customized to achieve results often apparent after their first singing lesson.

“Danny Formica is amazing! Very down to earth and EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the voice and singing. I warm up to Danny’s practice CD he made for me every night on tour and my voice has continued to improve and become stronger as time goes on. Before going to Danny I would lose my voice after only a couple shows but not anymore. I would recommend Danny to people of all talent levels who want to sing better and strengthen their voice.”
Dave Kuehl

The Dance Party, Atlantic Records

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