At I am committed to providing you with the information and training that will help you become the best singer you can be. Including extreme vocals (click image). All my clients are evaluated as individuals and therapies are customized to achieve results often apparent after their first singing lesson.

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At I am committed to providing you with the information …


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If you want to be a singer

If you want to be a great singer I can help. See How I transformed my own …




“General wisdom says never pick a teacher who isn’t able to do himself or herself what you want to learn. That was never going to be a concern with Daniel. His singing technique, knowledge, experience, and tone are just impeccable. He checks all the boxes of what a great singing teacher should be. One thing you’ll immediately notice is his enthusiasm for your improvements. It feels like he teaches through the eyes of an excited kid. Every triumph you make is his triumph also. It feels like he is right there on the same journey with you. When you’ve been struggling with an exercise and manage to nail it, his eyes open wide and a big smile comes over his face, like a proud parent. After one lesson you’ll know what I mean. His enthusiasm for seeing you improve is infectious and is just one more thing, on top of everything else, which makes Daniel just an incredible teacher. I’ve been a casual YouTube singing student for years, but really, there is no substitute for a competent singing teacher who can listen to the sounds you produce and pinpoint the steps needed for your voice to advance. It’s a personal journey and I couldn’t recommend anyone else more than Daniel to take it with.”

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